FAQ Mate.ae the Flatmate and Roommate platform

What is Mate.ae?

It's an online match making platform for roommates and shared rooms.

What makes Mate.ae different than any traditial classified website or real estate portal?

Mate.ae is not just about adding a room or shared flat ad, instead we go deeper into personality match, we also allow users to add their profiles and buddy up with one another.

Is it free to post my profile or room?

Yes it's totally free with some limitations of course on the Free post, for example if you post a free ad and someone tries to contact you, you will have a hold time before you are able to view the message from that person, whereas if you upgrade your post to paid ad, then you will receive notification immediately or even you can post your mobile number on each ad.

What are the types of filters and preferences I can use?

We have all sorts of cool filters to choose from to make it easier for you to find the perfect flatmates, for example you can add specific countries of origin of your preferred roommate or preferred tenant, you can choose all countries that speaks specific language, you can search for people who are looking in specific area or multiple areas or neighbors in addition you get to set your budget accordingly and find people who are willing to pay within the range of your budget, then you can team up with them and find room for both parties. In addition you can Save Search if you haven't found anyone and we will notify you as soon as someone who matches your criteria joins the platform.

To start visit Search Flats and Roommates where you can filter for roommates or shared apartments, dont forget to take the personality match test to see how compatible you are with the other possible roomie.