Privacy Policy

This declaration describes the procedures and technologies we use to protect users personal information which is called Privacy Policy.

Information Collection

Below are the different kinds of information that we collect from our users: -IP addresses, browser type, version, operating system, page views and website navigation. -Information about individual name, mobile number, email, billing details, address details, credit card details "Although we dont store credit card data on our servers and only use hashes to make any subsequent transaction". -User images, pet images, names, date of birth, vaccinations, experience, restrictions, pets behavior in addition to any information we seem viable to make sure both parties know all the required details for a successful booking. -Any information that users might choose to send us such as reviews, comments, feedback, service tickets and more will be stored securely in our servers for reference. -We allow users to have chat and messaging between each other and thus we cannot control what users share on our platform.

Cookies and Local Storage

Our platform uses Cookies, and LocalStorage and SessionStorage to enhance your experience, this data is kept in broweser history until a user signs-out or clear browser data.

Third Party

Similar to most major web platforms, we do utilize 3rd party integrations such as Google, Facebook and other important providers to enhance our users experience in addition for analytics usage, our platform is hosted in EU utilizing Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure for redundancy purposes.

International data transfers

Since our servers are located in EU countries, and most of our customers are based in Middle Eastern region, we do transfer data from user browser back to our servers securely over SSL "Https" connections.

Payment and Financial data

Mate primary focus is to ensure your data and credit card information are safe, when you decide to make a payment on Mate, we will establish a secure channel to our payment gateway processor and provide them with your card information, Dupaws doesn't safe your credit card number, CSV or any information that can be used to process your credit card in any way. The only information that we may store are information necassary to save a Token for your next purchase which will be used by the payment gateway provider.

Use of other users data

You acknowledge and agree that you cannot share or use Dupaws members information without explicit permission from the user.


We may update this privacy policy at any given time, with each update you get to see the version date in the bottom of this page to ensure that you accepted the latest published version.

Updated Oct 27th, 2018